Coaching For Employees & Managers

FocalPoint coaches work with some of the most amazing small businesses across the U.S. and the world, helping them to grow to new heights. Locally, we are headquartered in Arlington, VA and serve the greater Washington DC area.

Are you a small business owner who needs a business expert to develop your personal marketing, identify local consumer trends, find talent, and create and train a high-achieving team? Business and Executive Coach Eric Grorud offers comprehensive business coaching services to help small businesses develop, thrive, attract and keep target clients, and achieve optimal productivity.

A small business coach helps you explore opportunities, proven business growth strategies, and resources to:

Are you a corporate business owner seeking a professional for assistance in developing optimal supervision of executives, operations management, strategic planning, hiring practices, and more? Do you need guidance to maintain significant business relationships and partnerships to drive productivity, market expansion, and growth?

If you need expert assistance in running your corporation as efficiently as possible, consider seeking the services of Business and Executive Coach Eric Grorud to achieve organization, functionality, and growth.

What Is Corporate Business Coach?

A corporate business coach works with owners of corporations to maintain a productive work environment. Coaches help business owners with professional business assessments to create purposeful goals for company growth and development.

A corporate business coach also uses behavioral assessments and strategies for corporate business owners to develop efficient personal and professional habits to manage a balanced and successful career and lifestyle.

Why Do Corporate Business Owners Need A Coach?

Owning a corporation requires focus, excellent supervision, and a deliberate strategy to maintain functional and productive operations. Because corporate business owners juggle several responsibilities, processes, and people, having access to an objective professional to help them stay structured, decisive, and goal-oriented is essential.

What Can Corporate Business Coaching Do For A Business?

Corporate business coaching helps owners develop critical supervision, performance assessment, leadership, and delegation skills. Your coach will teach you: To align your vision of success with your corporation as the foundation for business management. To refine your leadership abilities. To develop a comprehensive strategic plan to achieve commercial growth, optimal operations, and more. How to prioritize and plan daily workload for efficiency, goal progression, and achievement.

What Make A Qualified Corporate Business Coach?

A corporate coach acknowledges the demands and responsibilities of overseeing several departments and maintaining significant professional relationships. I will help you develop strategies to supervise departments, provide clarity to your executives and leaders about their objectives, and determine the best actions to create a smooth workflow to achieve goals.

I use my previous experiences as COO of Digital Data and Analytics (DD&A), where I increased our consultants from 150 to 800, and my role as COO of International Consulting Associates to provide critical insider insight.

Overall, I help my corporate clients navigate the demands of their organization and achieve their goals with my certification and professional experience. I am also available to assist inquiring entrepreneurs in Bethesda, Maryland, and Washington DC. I am happy to help small business owners thrive and achieve sustainable development and growth.