Business Coaching For Companies & Corporations

We work with companies across the world, helping them to grow their businesses to new heights.

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner with limited time to network? You can book group business training with me today to learn among your peers, improve your business skills, and gain the opportunity to expand your professional connections.

What Is The Purpose Of Group Business Coaching?

Group business coaching allows business owners and entrepreneurs to improve their interpersonal communication skills in a coaching collective. Clients attending a group session will interact with and learn from the experiences of their peers across several industries on business development and the creation and achievement of business goals. This valuable input from several sources helps business owners discover new possibilities for growth and solutions to challenges their peers may face.

Is Group Business Coaching Effective?

A corporate coach acknowledges the demands and responsibilities of overseeing several departments and maintaining significant professional relationships. I will help you develop strategies to supervise departments, provide clarity to your executives and leaders about their objectives, and determine the best actions to create a smooth workflow to achieve goals.

I use my previous experiences as COO of Digital Data and Analytics (DD&A), where I increased our consultants from 150 to 800, and my role as COO of International Consulting Associates to provide critical insider insight.

Overall, I help my corporate clients navigate the demands of their organization and achieve their goals with my certification and professional experience.

How Does A Group Business Program Work?

The following are some of the services included in group business coaching:

Learn the essentials of business development and growth using our five-core module lessons.

I will review your business plan, goals, and objectives.

You will learn about financial and behavioral assessments that improve company productivity, organization, and management.

You will learn about the strategic planning process to create and pursue mid and long-term goals toward business productivity and growth.

I will assist you in creating and maintaining critical business relationships and partnerships using strategies such as corporate relationship mapping to improve interpersonal communication and establish mutually beneficial relationships with business partners, vendors, employees, and customers.