Coaching For CEO, COO, Partners & Senior Leaders

Coaches work with some of the top executives at some of the largest companies in the U.S. and the world, helping them to grow to new heights.

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Do you need a mentor to help you develop an executive presence in your company or manage and grow your department in your business or organization? I combine strategies used by global executives and business leaders with my executive background as COO of EY’s Digital Data & Analytics business and International Consulting Associates to guide my clients in achieving and leading in the executive positions they want.

What Is An Executive Coach?

An executive coach works with executives, leaders, and high-potential employees of companies and corporations. As executive coaches, we help our clients gain clarity of their responsibilities, develop confidence in their leadership, improve their decisive action, strategically create and accomplish goals, build growth within their departments, and sustain the competitiveness of their companies. We also prepare leaders for promotions into executive positions and improve work/life balance for career sustainability.

What Are Some Differences Between An Executive Coach And A Business Coach?

An executive coach works with top executives and top-performing employees in businesses and corporations to refine their supervising, budgeting, time and team management, prioritization, and delegation skills. We also work with executives to develop the essential leadership abilities to manage future company leaders.

A business coach, however, works with entrepreneurs and business owners alike and will assist all employees in fulfilling the responsibilities of their current positions.

What Leadership Skills Does An Executive Coach Have?

Several of us who have held executive leadership positions combine our experience and knowledge with additional business training and certification in advising leaders, COOs, CEOS, Partners and more. An executive coach is knowledgeable about the demands and responsibilities of daily operations in large organizations and corporations. Executive coaches possess the critical and strategic knowledge of delegation, supervision, and prioritization skills required to oversee several departments, teams, and complex processes within large companies to simplify them.

What Are Some Communication Skills Taught By An Executive Coach?

An executive coach will help leaders and executives develop authoritative communication for the supervision of their employees. Executives will also learn about omni-directional relationship building to maintain harmonious and mutually beneficial corporate relationships. Additionally, executives will define their corporate relationships to maintain order, collaboration, and productivity within and outside their departments.

Can An Executive Coach Help With Skill-Business?

By working with me, I’ll provide the following skill-building services:

  • Teach you how to create a vision to strategize growing your department and create tangible goals to materialize that vision.
  • Show you how to simplify your goals using Occam’s Razor Principle to conserve time, money, and resources while completing tasks.
  • Teach you problem-solving and conflict-management skills.
  • Show you how to re-engineer your business activity schedule to cultivate optimal productivity.
  • Guide you in streamlining daily tasks and activities to prioritize and save time.
  • Help you develop proficient interpersonal communication and omni-directional relationship maintenance to be personable to your teams, partners, and peers.
  • Help you develop authoritative communication to demonstrate your administrative capability and presence.

I look forward to helping you cultivate executive excellence.