Coaching For Owners And Employees

Coaches work with some of the most amazing small businesses across the U.S. and the world, helping them to grow to new heights. Locally, we are headquartered in Arlington, VA and serve the greater Washington DC area.

Are you a small business owner who needs a business expert to develop your personal marketing, identify local consumer trends, find talent, and create and train a high-achieving team? Business and Executive Coach Eric Grorud offers comprehensive business coaching services to help small businesses develop, thrive, attract and keep target clients, and achieve optimal productivity.

A small business coach helps you explore opportunities, proven business growth strategies, and resources to:

  • Acquire funding.
  • Improve local market competitiveness.
  • Develop effective branding and marketing for improved public recognition, communication with existing clientele, and outreach to prospective clients.
  • Find local talent with the skills and talents your business needs.
  • Reduce expenses while maintaining quality services and goods.
  • Create training and employee retention programs for a high-achieving team.
  • Improve productivity and earn more without sacrificing the quality of other areas of life.

Why Do Small Business Owners Need A Coach?

Small business owners should utilize only the most valuable professional resources as they often have limited financial resources and a team for support. We cut down on the guesswork and potential of frivolous expenses by completing a professional business assessment and using cost-effective, results-driven approaches for sustainable development and growth.

Having an experienced expert and mentor to support you in strategy-building, team-building, leadership development, and brainstorming possibilities and solutions will keep you motivated, adaptable, and optimistic about the future of your business.

What Can Business Coaching Do For A Small Business?

I use professionally developed behavioral and financial assessments with renowned, proven business growth strategies to customize strategic and action plans for improvement and growth. I rely on data, analysis, and business expertise to save time, money, and effort on your behalf in building value, creating efficiency, and promoting growth.


How Can A Business Coach Help Your Small Business Growth?

Successful business owners continuously meet and create new goals using practical business and behavioral strategies and objective assessments of their organization. You will learn ways to maintain good business habits, develop leadership confidence to take decisive action, and navigate daily challenges.

Additionally, through collaboration with a resourceful business coach, you will build a strong and functional foundation for business longevity and growth with mentorship in planning, prioritizing, productivity optimization, cultural transformation, forming strategic partnerships, marketing, team development, and more.

What Should I Expect From A Business Coach?

Business coaches are just as invested in your career success as you – expect a mentor to hold you accountable for pursuing authentic success. Expect to achieve your ideal career while maintaining the balance between your personal life and your career.

Business coaches are the professionals that pioneers and leaders across all industries turn to because coaches are invaluable in pursuing commercial growth and creating organization and functionality within their personal and professional environments.

I am available for Virginia business owners and entrepreneurs in Arlington, Tysons, and Alexandria.